Writing Narrative + Creative

Once we decide on a song, I will set down with my team and come up with ideas on how we can create a strong storyline for the video.
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Once we lock the idea and finalize the budget, This step would include writing the script and refining the storyline. After which, it will be followed by casting, setting up a schedule for the shoot and setting a look for the project.

Production: Let's Shoot it.

Once we have set the dates we will proceed with the shoot. The shoot can take normally 2-3 days and it may require rehearsal/prep to save time on set. Production will cover filming all the required scenes.


Fourth Step
Post-production will involve editing everything we shot during the production and putting the final video together. The music video will have a rough cut first which will be reviewed by the Director and the Artist will be refined to get the final cut, which will be the finished music video.

Promoting the Video

Fifth Step
Once the post is completed, it would be getting the video out there in front of the audience for getting maximum exposure.
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