About Me


Telling stories through the lens

I really enjoy directing and having worked as a visual effects artist for more than half a decade has helped me grow as an artist and understand how all the components come together in creating something powerful.

Over the years, I have also worked as PA / AD on set as well, which helped me to understand the entire production pipeline how a script is translated going through pre-production, production and post into a great looking finished product.

I enjoy directing spec commercials and music videos as it allows me to create narratives and be experimental, creating strong visuals that translate the story/soundtrack. So I combine creativity with high technical skill and knowledge to create powerful videos that stand out.

Just Break Away

Have a Project?

I am always looking to collaborate with other talented people on a variety of projects including music videos, commercials, short films and features.

If you have a script, that needs a director or need a treatment for a commercial / music video, I would love to know more and see if it’s a project that we can work on together to make something stunning.

How I can help

I will write a treatment to give you an in-depth look at how I would visualize and execute the project and depending on the scale, I can bring on a great production team on board to help bring it to life.

Let's get started